For more information

Can I see your curriculum vitae?

Available online in English and in French.

How do I pronounce your first name?

Like this. I'm fine with the Spanish and English pronunciations.

Studying in the Gallium group

I'd like to do a post-doc in your group...

You are most welcome. Please send me your vitae and we'll discuss it. Be careful with dates, however: post-docs funded by Inria or Collège de France are selected once a year in February or March. We sometimes have other post-doc opportunities funded by research grants that are more flexible date-wise.

I'd like to do a Ph.D. in your group...

Please refer to my page on doing a Ph.D. at INRIA.

I'd like to do a Master's internship in your group...

Almost all of our Master's interns come from the MPRI master programme. If you follow this programme, or another strongly research-oriented Master with similar contents, please drop me an e-mail.

I'd like to do an undergraduate internship in your group...

Generally speaking, we have few opportunities for undergraduate internships. Students at French universities and grandes écoles can nonetheless contact me directly. For foreign students, INRIA has a dedicated internship program. If you study in one of the participating institutions worldwide, please contact the faculty member who is in charge of this program at your institution. There is no use in sending your application directly to me.


Where is your page with geek humour on it?

It's getting old, but you will find it here.

What about your e-mail harvesting experiments?

Stopped a long time ago, but here are the results of the first experiment and second experiment. Bottom line: circa 2004, spammers who crawled Web pages to harvest e-mail addresses did not try very hard.

What is your Erdös number?

I'm glad you asked. My Erdös number is 4 (L.Cardelli / A.Scedrov / A.R.Blass / P.Erdös, or Y.Bertot / P.Zimmermann / G.Tenenbaum / P.Erdös).