Harvesting experiment

Experiment closed 12/2004. See here for a follow-up.

This Web page is a small experiment on how/whether electronic addresses contained in Web pages are harvested by certain unscrupulous organizations.

Do not send messages to any of the addresses contained below, these will bias the results.

Put online 2003-10-28.

First results, 2003-11-07: addresses A and F (mailto in clear and plain address in clear) received their first spams.

2003-12-18: address D (mailto with entity encoding) received its first spam.

2004-01-28: addresses E (mailto with entity and URL encoding) and I (plain text with entity encoding) received their first spam.

2004-02-26: address B (mailto with +) received its first spam.

2004-03-03: address C (URL-encoded mailto with basic obfuscation) received its first spam.

Final results: addresses A, D, E, F and I have been heavily and regularly spammed. Addresses B and C received only 1 and 2 spams respectively (Nigerian scams). G, H and J resisted harvesting so far.