First International Conference on Secure Information Systems

The System Security Society of Southern Saskatchewan and the University of North Saskatechwan, Hoople campus announce the First International Conference on Secure Information Systems. This conference will feature a star studded panel of security and system experts from across the computing spectrum giving boring papers and comparing notes on security problems and possible solutions for existing and future operating systems ane networking environments.

Papers that will be given at the conference include:

Richard Brandow, MacMag magazine: Computer Viruses as a form of social terrorism

Dennis Ritchie, AT&T: Trojan Horses: Security Hole or Debugging Aid?

Richard M. Stallman, Free Software Foundation: Passwords are a Communist Plot, or Give Me Access to Your Computer, Dammit!

Chuq Von Rospach, Fictional Reality: A Secure USENET, an Exercise in Futility.

Greg Woods, NOAO: Benign Dictatorships in Anarchic Environments: A Case Study

Peter Honeyman, University of Michigan: Security Features in Honey-DanBer UUCP, or Why a Flat Name Space is Good.

John Mashey, MIPS Computers: RISC security risks on Usenet

Peter G. Neumann, SRI: The RISKS Of Risk Discussion, or Why This Conference Should be Classified.

William Joy, Sun Microsystems: Unix is Your Friend.

Donn Parker, SRI: Breaking Security for Fun and Profit: A Survey

Lauren Weinstein, The Stargate Project: Stargate Encryption; Turning Free Data into Revenue.

Mark Horton & Rick Adams, The UUNET project: Security Aspects of Pay for Play on USENET.

C. Edward Brown, National Security Agency: How to get USENET feeds when you don't exist, A Case Study.

Gordon Moffett, Amdahl Corp.: The USENET anarchist's cookbook; An alternative to the backbone cabal

John Quarterman, University of Texas: The USENIX social agenda and national security; A summary of Usenet discussions from Star Wars to Tar Wars.

Landon C. Noll & Ron Karro, Amdahl Corp.: Public Key Encryption in Smail3.1; How to send E-mail that the NSA can't read

A. I Gavrilov, KGB, North American Information Bureau: Exporting American Military Information via Encoded USENET Signatures, Theory and Practice.

The Conference will be held March 2 through 4, 1989 on the campus of the University of North Saskatechwan in Hoople, Saskatechwan, Canada. Registration is $195 until December 1, 1989, $295 afterward. For more information please contact Professor Peter Schikele, Department of Computer Science, University of North Saskatechwan, Hoople, Saskatechwan, Canada 1Q5 UI9.

Note: This conference is a rescheduling of the conference originally scheduled for October, 1988 but cancelled after the United States Department of Commerce decided that the material was too sensitive to allow non-American citizens to read (including the material written by the Canadians on the committee). Because of this, the conference has been moved to Canada, which doesn't have a complete Freedom of Speech written into it's constitution, but has better things to do than worry about ways of circumventing civil rights. Americans having trouble getting their papers cleared for distribution at the conference should contact Professor Shikele about setting up a direct uucp link for the troff source.