P. H. Hartel, M. Feeley, M. Alt, L. Augustsson, P. Baumann, M. Beemster, E. Chailloux, C. H. Flood, W. Grieskamp, J. H. G. van Groningen, K. Hammond, B. Hausman, M. Y. Ivory, R. E. Jones, J. Kamperman, P. Lee, X. Leroy, R. D. Lins, S. Loosemore, N. Röjemo, M. Serrano, J.-P. Talpin, J. Thackray, S. Thomas, P. Walters, P. Weis, and P. Wentworth. Benchmarking implementations of functional languages with “Pseudoknot”, a float-intensive benchmark. Journal of Functional Programming, 6(4):621--655, 1996.

Over 25 implementations of different functional languages are benchmarked using the same program, a floating-point intensive application taken from molecular biology. The principal aspects studied are compile time and execution time for the various implementations that were benchmarked. An important consideration is how the program can be modified and tuned to obtain maximal performance on each language implementation.

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