Bernhard Schommer, Christoph Cullmann, Gernot Gebhard, Xavier Leroy, Michael Schmidt, and Simon Wegener. Embedded program annotations for WCET analysis. In WCET 2018: 18th International Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis, volume 63 of OASIcs. Dagstuhl Publishing, July 2018.

We present __builtin_ais_annot(), a user-friendly, versatile way to transfer annotations (also known as flow facts) written on the source code level to the machine code level. To do so, we couple two tools often used during the development of safety-critical hard real-time systems, the formally verified C compiler CompCert and the static WCET analyzer aiT. CompCert stores the AIS annotations given via __builtin_ais_annot() in a special section of the ELF binary, which can later be extracted automatically by aiT.

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