Sandrine Blazy, Zaynah Dargaye, and Xavier Leroy. Formal verification of a C compiler front-end. In FM 2006: Int. Symp. on Formal Methods, number 4085 in LNCS, pages 460--475. Springer, 2006.

This paper presents the formal verification of a compiler front-end that translates a subset of the C language into the Cminor intermediate language. The semantics of the source and target languages as well as the translation between them have been written in the specification language of the Coq proof assistant. The proof of observational semantic equivalence between the source and generated code has been machine-checked using Coq. An executable compiler was obtained by automatic extraction of executable Caml code from the Coq specification of the translator, combined with a certified compiler back-end generating PowerPC assembly code from Cminor, described in previous work.

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